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Another New Collage – Battle Cry


Battle Cry – Mixed Media Collage


MAN Comics – Men at War

Excellent over the top war comic from Atlas Comics (later Marvel). This features a great story called “The Boot!”, which is a war story written from the perspective of a soldier’s boots.

The Unknown Solider

Dc’s Star Spangled War Stories Featuring the Unknown Solider are some of my favorite war comics of all time. Nearly all have amazing cover (and interior) art by Joe “Sgt. Rock” Kubert. The stories are great as well and I recommend picking them up when you see them. Single issues are usually cheap, but DC has done some reprints in black and white. There was also a recent relaunch on the Vertigo imprint that I have heard good things about. Supposedly a more modern take. I never bothered reading it as in the blurb announcing the book the author said that he wanted to make one little change to the unknown soldier, that being that this time around we would know who he was. That misses the whole point of the original series (and the meaning of unknown) which is that the soldier’s background didn’t matter. He was just an unlucky solider whose face got blown apart by a japanese grenade during Pearl Harbor. For your viewing pleasure, here is an assortment of my favorite covers.


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