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The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

My favorite Cassavetes film. Super excited to see it as part of the current retrospective at the Cinefamily.

Blast of Silence

At home sick, watching a killer film noir. Best opening sequence of any movie ever.

Jed Whitey – I’m OK, You’re Fucked

Best song by one of the most overlooked bands of the 2000s. I remember when I ordered their 1st 12″ from Australia, the money got stolen out of the letter. The band felt bad so they sent me my record anyway along with a few copies of other records they had a hand in. I highly recommend the¬†Superfly Bigmuff (Superfuzz Bigmac) 12″ and the Mongoloid Cage Match LP.

Jed Whitey

Cartoon Noir

Excited to see a selection of golden age animation of classic noir stories.

Cartoon Noir

Exclusive Images from the Upcoming Avengers Movie.

The Best Thing I Have Ever Bought

Nancy and Sluggo as the Alien, by Bill Sienkiewicz.


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