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A Warning to All Dudes


Men’s Health Update

Please, I beg you. Write to this man and learn his terror tactics or you may be made to look like a coward on your Valentine’s day Date.

A Perfect Example of a Pistol Whipping

The Captain No Fun List (Part 1)

First part of an ongoing list of the enemies of fun and boy adventures everywhere. Everyone from the mall security guard who wouldn’t allow us to play laser tag in the mall to the original Captain No Fun (who is surely still sailing his boat around and around trying to stop people from swimming in reservoirs). However the first enemy I want to highlight is Harry Williams.


While probably unfamiliar to most, Harry Williams is responsible for this .


The tilt device is a crime against fun and boys everywhere. Thanks to him, cheating at pinball no longer can get you the high score. The only way to be able to play pinball without fear of the dreaded tilt mechanism requires you to spend time with Howie Mandel, which is the true crime here.


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